As you may have noticed I've recently changed my blog name and rebranded slightly. I used to be called Wanderer Girl but have changed all my platforms including my Instagram and Facebook to Printed Forest. I want to take my Etsy shop Printed Forest and blog more seriously and I thought it would make much more sense having everything under the same name. I also want to change my niche from travel more to art & illustration as it is a real passion of mine. Don't get me wrong, I will still post about my travels and my favourite coffee shops but I would like to focus more on making and creating. I have some exciting things to share with you in new year and I hope you follow this journey with me.

A Mini Guide To Cafes In Leeds

I'm not the best at blogging and this is especially shown through the lack of posts recently. I've been how you say 'unwell' mentally but I'm fighting my way through it. But on a lighter note I wanted to share with you something I love...well more than just one thing but three! Cafes, coffee and my new favourite city, Leeds! I took a visit to Leeds with my mum about about over a month ago, oh how time flies! Two long train journeys and lots of painting in my sketchbook along the way and we arrived. We explored for the next two and half days while we were in Leeds and found some amazing shops and places including my favourite things, coffee shops and cafes! So if you ever visit Leeds, here are some cafes you may enjoy!

The Grand Vintage Tearoom

This vintage tearoom is situated inside the grand arcade in Leeds. I already had lunch so mum enjoyed a yummy soup whilst I had a slice or delicious raspberry pavlova. What I liked most about this tearoom was the vintage inspired decor with vintage doilies, wallpaper, crochet blankets and furniture.

The Arch Cafe

Based in a small park lies a beautiful cafe which was formally a charity school which raises money to support elderly people. Serving homemade cakes, breakfast and lunch options and tea and coffee the Arch cafe has a tasty collection of food and beautiful interior. I had the yummy red velvet cake with a latte whilst mum has a slice of bakewell tart which she definitely recommends. With flowers on the tables and lovely brick walls the Arch cafe has a lovely atmosphere and you can feel good as all the profits go to charity. 

Laynes Espresso

Laynes espresso was one of my favourite cafes / coffee shops in Leeds and once you visit you will see why. Situated near the train station, Laynes Espresso served yummy breakfast and lunches and a wide selection of treats, not forgetting the amazing artisan coffee. I and my mum had poached egg on sourdough toast whilst enjoying tea and coffee. Although small the interior is simple and cute. Displaying a few pieces of art on the wall, brick walls and a vintage style menu. Next time I visit I will have to try some of their pistachio cake!

Tiled Hall Cafe

As you enter the tiled hall cafe you can't help but be mesmerised by the beautiful tiled surfaces that surround you. There was a great selection of foods including vegan choices. I went for the chickpea vegan toasted bagel which went down a treat whilst enjoying a cup of coffee and painting in my watercolour sketchbook. The decor was amazing with plants dotted around and tall windows that allowed lots of light in. 

Sheaf St Cafeteria

Last but not least is my most favourite cafe / coffee shop in Leeds, Sheaf St Cafeteria. I found out about this cafe whilst looking through Hayley's blog here. It's in a very quiet area away from the bustling city but is the most quirky and cool cafe ever! I loved the cups the coffee came in and the quirky decor and interior including the yellow stalls, artwork on the walls and concrete tiles. Again I was craving sourdough toast and poached eggs which I enjoyed a lot. I also couldn't help but stare at the delicious treats but I was too full up on coffee and breakfast by then. 

I hope you enjoyed this little post about all thing coffee in Leeds and let me know if you visit any of these places!

Coffee Shop Finds | Chin Chins Coffee House

Opposite a beautiful church lies an even more charming coffee shop called Chin Chins Coffee House in a bustling shopping street in Bexley. It's one of my favourite coffee shops and is a place I visit often. It's an unique, eclectic and an industrial coffee shop with hints of vintage, art and Swedish influences which serves the best coffee and food. With friendly owners, charming interior and tasty food you'd be sure not to miss it. Most of their cakes that delicately sit on the counter top are baked by Victoria Yum and the coffee they serve is produced by Union Coffee, So if you're look looking for a cosy and friendly place with mouthwatering food and drinks then you're in the right place. You can tell I love the place by how much I post about it on my Instagram!

The stool seats by the counter top are made with cute coffee sacks and the shelves are adorned with jars and jars of amazing tea that you can try. With a mix of different chairs and tables and art and vintage photos hanging from the wall you can't not but feel homely in this unique coffee shop.

I normally visit with family and friends and have tried most of the menu apart from the meat options as I'm a vegetarian. My favourites is the mozzarella ciabatta with sun dried tomatoes with pesto or the falafel wrap made with homemade piccalilli, They have a vast collection of drinks from lattes with the best latte art to a vast collection of teas and even carrot juice and their homemade iced coffee and tea. They even have vegan chocolate cake!!

This is my favourite spot to sit at as I love the mosaic table and red chairs + the view of the church opposite is stunning. So if you ever want to visit then here's the address : 

171 Broadway, London DA6 7ES

Thanks for reading! I'm off to Leeds now for a few days but will share with all the lovely things from Leeds when I get back.

What do you think of Chin Chins Coffee House? What's Your favourite coffee shop to go to?


Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting in a while! I'e not been feeling very well but cats make everything better! I took this cute picture whilst in Amsterdam last Christmas and sometimes as the image states it's ok not to be ok. By the way the lettering is drawn with watercolour...pretty cool right?!

- Becky x


Being an artist and illustrator is something I've always wanted to be. I grew up painting and making messes, drawing and soon I grew an interest in other artists, obsessing over pens and fine watercolour paper and stationery. This eventually grew into creating my own little online independent shop called Printed Forest. I've always been one to have lots of artistic hobbies so I never really wanted my shop to have niche items and instead I wanted to created lots of different things such as notebooks, lino prints, digital prints, stamps and soon ceramics and screen-prints! I'm still trying to find my feet and have only made a few sales but I did go to my very first market last Christmas. So although I love to blog about  travel and coffee shops I would also like to blog more about my shop, art, things I create and maybe tips on illustration and printmaking. For now I would like to share with you a few new products that have come to the etsy shop Printed Forest.

Original Afternoon Tea Lino Prints - A3 { £20 }

Each lino print is a one off original print made with love and care. It was really fun creating these as I got to experiment with colours and watercolours. I love the textures shown. 

Patterned Faux Leather Notebooks - A5 { 6.95 }

There are four patterns which were each hand illustrated by myself before they were scanned into Photoshop where the image was engraved onto the faux leather. I was really inspired my nature and mid century designs and I can't wait to create more.

Beach babes notebook - A5 { £5 }

This is the most recent item I created with one of my most favourite digital designs that I illustrated called beach babes. Inspired by my love of the seaside and my travels. I love the fun mix of colours.

Prints - A3 { £12 }

I love creating prints inspired my mid century designs, my travels, fun colours and textures. 

What kind of illustration posts would you like to see on the blog? Tips? Processes? I would love to know.

My Ultimate Guide To Paris

It's been almost three weeks since I left for Paris and I was so excited to visit a place I had never been before. Although I only had a short stay I did do a fair amount of walking and exploring and found countless of charming cafes, street art  and shops that I loved and admittedly I'm sure there is a lot more to explore but I would like to share with you a few of my favourites. So if macarons aren't enough for you here are a few places to visit, shop and eat at in what I've dubbed as 'Becky's guide to Paris'.

Where to Stay

Hotel Axel Opera

We stayed at Hotel Axel Opera by Happy Culture for fours days and enjoyed the scrumptious breakfasts including mini crossiants and au pain chocolat and the afternoon tea where we treated ourselves to pastries, mini meringues and coffee. We booked our hotel on secret escapes and although the room are basic they had very good air conditioning and all the things you needed. 

Where to eat & drink

Au Vieux Paris d'Arcole

A very quaint and cosy restaurant just near Notre Dame. It had the most beautiful restaurant front that was adorned with wisteria, colourful purple chairs and the odd toy bird sticking out of the windows. We just went for coffee but also they offer yummy food.

Le Creme to Paris

This is the last place we ate at before we headed off home and it certainly didn't disappoint. With the most beautiful interior and neon sign it is definitely worth a visit. I enjoyed a chocolate Nutella crepe with vanilla ice cream which I ate up in a second where as my aunt opted for the same but with coconut and banana. With a relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff we enjoyed our crepes over good conversation.

Cafe Soucoupe

A ten minute walk from our hotel lied a cute cafe / coffee shop selling cakes, sandwiches and coffee. With a simple interior and beautiful and charming exterior this is a great place to come for a laid back breakfast or lunch. 

Le Brebant

Although a little on the pricey side Le Brebant is worth visiting just to see the beautiful interior of the restaurant. The ceiling was adorned with plants, wicker lights and birds which merged with the charming (oh I love this word if you can tell) wallpaper and seating. We each sipped on a Pina Colada whilst enjoying the sunset on our first day in Paris and although tasty as can be we only had one as it was so damn pricey. 

Where to shop


As we walked through the passageways I came across a lovely shop called Lavrut which sold all types of arty stuff including basics like pens and watercolour pads to cute notebooks, greeting cards and even cacti patterned paper cups! Lavrut is a great place to go if you love being creative or just want something cacti related! 

Herve Chatlain

I had to add  Herve Chatlain to the list as this cute little florist sells the coolest mini succulent, cacti and plant pots as shown below and as I have an eye for unusual ceramics I had to take some pictures.

Where to sight see

Eiffel tower - Noitre Dame - The Lourve

Last on the list but definitely not the least is sight seeing. What is even the point of visiting Paris is you don't visit famous monuments. So here are some pictures I took whilst I visited them. 
Also I would definitely suggest going on a river cruise as it's an easy way of seeing all the sites from afar and has breathtaking views. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my guide to Paris and I'll see you soon for another blog post.

P.S. If you fancy a macaron or pastry whilst in Paris you may want to check out my guide to my favourite patisseries in Paris here.