In Brick lane the walls are covered in mesmerising art, the lanes are bursting with vintage shops and I hear through the grapevine that there's a shop that makes the best bagels ever!  However if you are looking for great coffee after a long enjoyable day shopping, look no further! I've visited Brick lane many times now and I thought it would be a great idea to make a guide of my favourite coffee shops in Brick Lane.

104 Sclater Street

BellBoi has the most charming illustrated shop front and coffee cups and lets not forget the gorgeous palm leaf wallpaper. Asides from the lovely decor & exterior BellBoi makes great & yummy beverages. Just off Brick Lane surely a coffee shop not to miss.

135 Brick Lane

This place got quite busy on a Sunday so sadly we weren't able to get a table but as you can see I fell in love with the amazinnnnn' cakes and bakes. I was definetely impressed with the decor & those tree logs the cakes were on. So until I try the cake I won't be able to give you my verdict but thumbs up for first impressions. They also have some vegan options!

157 Brick Lane

My first impression were that I absolutely loved the Brick Lane coffee sign on the shopfront. This place is mostly for beverages and didn't have an overall amount of food but if you wanted a good coffee then  you're in the right place. I loved the illustrated wall as you go inside and the mix match furniture.

161 Brick Lane

Fika is more of a bar & kitchen than a coffee shop and has a lovely clean white tiled front giving you a great first impression. It's quite small but I thought I would add Fika as I loved the atmosphere of it and they had the most beautiful cinnamon buns I had ever seen.

42 Hanbury Street

Canvas cafe has to be one of my favourites and why wouldn't it be when thye serve the best vegan freak shakes in town. Again this might not be strictly a coffee shop but it had to have a mention based on the fact they make vegan food and has a bright friendly atmosphere. Just off Brick Lane Canvas cafe also hold events and if you sign up to their email list you get a free coffee...what more could you want. 

So there is my mini guide on where to find the best coffee & cake in Brick Lane. I hope you've enjoyed it and let me know if you ever visit and try the vegan freak shake. Another honourable mention is also Pretty Cuppa in Brick Lane.

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Have you ever Been to Brick Lane? If so what's your favourite coffee shop?


 Welcome to illustrated Sunday! Although I love to wander and write about travels another one of my passions is illustration & graphic design, something that I will be studying after my gap year. I also have my own little Etsy shop called Printed Forest where I sell my own illustrations & handmade items. I wanted to share with you a little collection of portraits I made using promarkers (I love promarkers) & watercolours that a made a while back. You can also buy a portrait in my Etsy shop.

I hope you like my portraits and I'll see you soon with another post about Brick Lane. Becky ✈️


On a sunny & breezy Sunday I and my mum visited Brick Lane and the surrounding Lanes which were adorned with cafes, coffee shops and vintage stores as well as some charming and delightful old buildings. It was lovely to walk through the bustling street to find quiet & more secluded lanes nearby which is where I found some marvellous vintage shops and charming buildings. We spent the day popping in and out of shops, taking photographs and admiring the street art before having lunch. We also visited Blitz where we took photos in the photo-booth, such fun! So here are some of my photos I took from a day wandering through Brick Lane.

Yummy eats found in a nearby cafe called Kahlia.

Admiring the amazing street art that is everywhere in and around Brick Lane.

More temptation to add another camera to my collection.

Lots of vintage shopping!

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Thank you  for visiting. Have you ever visited Brick Lane? If so what are your thoughts? I'd love to know!


If you love vintage shopping as much as I do then you're in for a treat! I visited Brick Lane again a few days ago and I'm still amazed at the amount of vintage shops there are...so many that I missed some. The Brick lane streets are busy but worth hustling through as you can find some amazing hidden gems, especially when walking down the quieter side roads. The streets are filled with food vendors and market stalls and bustling with people and no wonder why...Brick Lane is a famous London hot spot. So if you ever visit make sure to check out some of these Brick Lane vintage shops. Here's my Brick Lane guide to vintage shopping. 

131 Brick Lane

This shop rocks is a small little shop with a downstairs that's crammed full of vintage objects such as clothing, typewriters, books, crockery, jewellery...oh the list could go on.

4 Chesire street

House of vintage down a little side road, was mainly full of beautiful vintage clothes and accessories such as dresses and silk scarves. The shop also has a very charming interior and a lovely stained glass window.

226 Brick Lane

This shop is smallish but by no means less interesting. Full of the most beautiful dresses and shoes and my favourite the vintage mannequin heads with charming vintage hats up against lovely brick walls.

20 Chesire Street

Search & destroy had to be one of my most favourite vintage shops just off of Brick Lane down a little side road. The interior was blissfully charming with cacti, plants and a record player that was playing music!! A very western style feel. It also has a downstairs with changing rooms and the shop is full of new and old vintage clothing. The owner is also very lovely and helpful.

5 Chesire street

Another one of my favourites...Porcelain & Red, had a beautiful haberdashery cabinet adorned with hundreds of silk scarves in all manner of different styles, patterns and colours. There is also vintage fabric, haberdashery and of course vintage dresses.

15 Hanbury Street

Absolute vintage is quite a large vintage shop just of Brick Lane full of vintage clothing, accessories and my favourite retro brogue shoes.

Brick Lane

This is another of my favourites just because of the many mini 'shops' there are and the wide range of vintage you can buy. Be careful though as some things that are sold are more retro than vintage. You can find anything from jackets to jewellery and glasses to records.

There are also some other vintage shops I didn't get a chance to list such as Blitz, Rokit 101 and my favourite camera market stall called Films Not Dead which are amazing and definitely worth a visit.

Have you ever visited Brick Lane? Do you love vintage shopping? I'd love to know!