I love blogging and I think it's important when blogging to read other blogs too! Whether it's for inspiration or to look at the pretty photos. So here are a few of my favourites.

Just curious to know by Audrey Fiodorenko

I found Audrey's blog late last year whilst searching for interesting coffee shops in London. So when I clicked on a link that led me to her site I was immediately blown away by the beautiful imagery and writing about wonderful coffee shops around London, Berlin and Japan. One of my favourite posts on her blog is about the Lanark coffee shop in Hackney which I will definitely visit one day. If you looking for beautiful imagery, information about the best coffee shops in London or simply want a good read you should definitely visit Audrey's blog.


The Creative Outlook by Amy Hodkin

I absolutely adore Amy's blog not only because of the beautiful layout and design but because of her interest in surface pattern design and illustration. As an aspiring illustrator and graphic designer I love seeing how other people work and the process of them making art.

Annie Dornan Smith

Annie has a charming blog that updates you on all her creations and she even has her own shop that sells amazing illustrated stationery and home-wares. She also shares tips on how to create your own illustration style which I love but is now focusing more on her own work which I love too. She even has created an awesome book called House Jungle which she put on Kickstarter but has now ended.

develop an illustration style

That Mck - Endless Wanderer by Andrew

Andrew is really good at capturing amazing moments and images with his cameras and as I'm an avid lover of cameras and photography I adored his blog. He writes a bit about everything, from his favourite book or beer to his camera gear and places he's travelled too, all including great photography. He is a fan of camera film so it's great to see someone who likes to experiment with different film and cameras.

Falls of Falloch and Loch Lomond (1 of 21)
Camera Gear March 2016-2

I hope you've liked reading! What are your favourite blogs?


Another quote for another week. Travel Far enough, you meet yourself - Cloud Atlas. 

My Travel Camera Kit

Cameras are one of my most favourite things in the world and when I go travelling I always have to take some from my collection with me. I've been collecting cameras ever since I was a teenager and love both digital and analogue. I love photography so I'm really excited to share with you my favourites for my camera travel kit.


Canon 550d body

This is the main digital camera I use and in conjunction with the two lenses below I take all the images on my blog with it. It's a bit heavy but when I use the 50mm lens it lightens up. Great for travelling with as I literally take it everywhere. 

18-55 mm lens

This lens is what I used for everything before I got the 50mm lens. You can zoom in and out and it's great for taking landscapes and portraits.

Canon EF 50 mm 1.8 STM Lens

This lens is the best lens I have EVER used and owned. It creates the most charming bokeh images with sharp focal points and blurry backgrounds and great for close ups.

Fujifilm instax wide 210 

I use this digital instant camera for very special occasions. I especially like to take it when travelling even if it is a bit bulky as it captures everything in amazing quality. Plus who doesn't love something instantly. What's great about this film is that it can be in sunlight (instead of in the dark like Polaroid film) and only takes 5 minutes for the image to show. If you didn't want such a bulky camera you could also get the Instax mini.


When I go travelling I normally like to take a film camera with me and sometimes I actually enjoy photographing with them more than I do with a digital camera. Not being able to know what images you've taken until you get them developed or having to be really precise as you only have a few snaps left makes me really happy. 

Polaroid 1000 instant camera

One of the cameras I've often taken with me when travelling is the 1000 Polaroid instant camera. I love instant film as you can see it in 30-60 minutes and this camera adds a vintage, faded effect to the film that I really like. The film is more expensive but totally worth it, giving a vintage effect to your travel photos. 

Yashica-a twin lens camera

This camera reminds me of Instagram with the square shape film and the vintage faded effect. Great for getting quality landscapes, close ups and portraits. The camera is also a beauty in itself and although heavy it is totally worth taking it on your travels if you are thinking of taking a film camera with you.

Yashica Electro AX camera

This is literally the best analogue camera to take with you when travelling. I love the effect it has on the images and makes you really think before you take an image to get it perfect. I love taking travel images with this camera as it's just a different effect to digital images. I also love the whole process of developing the film in the darkroom.

P.S. If you haven't realised...I love cameras! I've also finally settled on a background for my blog which I created in illustrator.

Thanks for reading! Do you have any specific cameras you take when travelling? I 'd love to know.


I thought it would be fun to start  weekly inspirational quotes that are done with my photography and hand lettering with paints. So here is my first one!  Inspire others by being yourself. Have a lovely day!

Plant Lady | My Mini Plant Collection

Just a little post, I thought you might like to see my succulent & cacti collection. I absolutely adore plants and although I'm not very good at keeping them alive I do like to feel my room with them. Cacti are my favourite but I do have a soft spot for succulents.

Do you love cacti? Are you a crazy plant lady like me?

Coffee Shop Finds | Pink Velvet Lattes At Palm Vaults

Down Mare Street in Hackney lies a charming, independent and unique cafe with hues of pink and green, marbled worktops and stunning brick walls...not to mention the various assortment of tumbling plants beautifully cascading above your head. As you enter the cafe called Palm Vaults, you are greeted with a a marvellous sign created by Alex May Hughes, a magical indoor garden, comfy lounge chairs and of course, as always, mouthwatering cakes that sit delicately on top of vintage style china cake stands. I was very excited about trying the velvet or matcha lattes, I ended up going for the pink velvet latte and it went down a treat.

As a lover of  cacti, succulents and all plants in general I was in awe of the well kept plants that surrounded us and reminded me that I really needed to water my own cacti when I got home! The music that played gave a chilled and relaxing vibe and it wasn't long before we ordered our coffee and cake.

As the cake was brought to us I was delighted with the generous portion size as anyone who knows me knows I do love my cake! A delicate light sponge filled in the middle with icing and raspberry jam and topped with raspberry and pistachio nuts. I enjoyed the cake with a pink, frothy, velvet latte that was made with beetroot and tasted like red velvet cake as I enjoyed looking at the hanging plants and having a nice chat with my mum and aunt. I would also like to add that they even had pretty toilets! With shiny pink tiles and funky palm leaf wallpaper. What's also great about Palm Vaults is that they have vegan options and non dairy milks.

As a sucker for design I loved the whole interior and exterior as much as I loved the beautiful Palm Vaults paper coffee cups that were pastel pink and adorned with palm leaves and the coffee shop name. I would order a coffee just for the pretty paper cup that came with it!

I hope you enjoyed reading about the wonderful Palm Vaults cafe and let me know if you visit and try the velvet latte. Next time I go I will definitely try their halloumi toastie or wrap! 

Have you visited Palm Vaults? Do you love plants as much as I do? I'd love to know.


I stayed in Brighton for three days at the New Madeira Hotel. We walked aimlessly through the North Laines, ate the most amazing pizza and had lots of fun at the arcades on the pier. Here are some photos from my trip!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Brighton photo diary and I'll see you soon with another post. 

Have you gone or ever wanted to go to Brighton?


When it comes to Brighton you can't help but feel amazed by the beautiful and charming seaside town. So when I got the chance to finally book a mini holiday with my mum and aunt I had to go to Brighton. There are lanes adorned with coffee shops, there is a pier with the most amazing arcade and of course the lovely sea that's always too cold to swim in but I still go in anyway. I spent 3 days exploring all of the seaside town so much that my feet ached. So here is a mini guide on how to spend your time in Brighton. When I visit again, which I will do... I will do more posts about places to visit but for now here are my favourites. 



Starfish is the first vintage shop I found whilst strolling through the streets of the North Laines. The shop had an appealing interior where the walls were adorned with vintage wooden boxes, signs and of course rails full of vintage clothes.


Beyond retro was one of my favourite vintage shops in Brighton. It's a little harder to find but it is totally worth it when you do. I bought several vintage silk scarves from here. The large shop was full to the brim mostly with vintage clothing and accessories and wouldn't be complete without the photo booth.


A place I could and have strolled in for hours. Snoopers Paradise is full of vintage cameras, clothing, bits and bobs and basically anything you can think of and again has a beautiful vintage photo booth that is paired with lots of accessories to amuse yourself with.



When I found this patisserie my mouth watered at the site of the delicate and handmade treats and macaroons. At reasonable prices Julien Plumart is surely not a place to miss.


We sat in the corner of this cafe for a long time whilst sipping tea, or coffee in my case and filling ourselves up with cake. Very good sized portions of cake...I must say we were very pleased. I liked the simple interior and mouth watering cake and will definitely be visiting again.


The food at Infinity Foods was delicious and did I mention vegan?! I tried the tofu and avocado houmous sandwich which I loved whilst I sat outside with my mum and aunt as they sipped on their tea. Although small the interior is gorgeous! So if you love vegan food this is a very lovely place to stop for a quick lunch.


I was drawn to The Plant Room because of how simply charming and fresh the interior was. Plants were dotted around the place and they even had a shop that sold vintage style plates amongst other things. Outside there was also a little square adorned with tables and chairs with a fountain in the centre. What more could you want whilst enjoying a coffee?



I'm sure undoubtedly that the pier is on everyones list of where to go when visiting Brighton but I'm going to add it anyway. My favourite part is the large lit up sign and the arcades...how can you not love the arcades?! Although adorned with commercial shops and a henna tattoo shop there is a very nice restaurant in the middle which does an awesome salad. Not to mention the rides that my mum was too scared to go on. I'll get her on them one day!


The Royal Pavillion is not only beautiful to look at but is also surrounded by charming gardens. I got a lovely picture of a squirrel eating a nut when visiting and I'm planning to visit the museum on my next visit. 


One of my favourite places that I visited was the penny arcades that was by the seashore. Full of real vintage and antique arcade games that cost between 5p and 20p. It was a lot of fun and I even won some sweets.

I hope you've enjoyed finding out cool places to visit in Brighton! Even though the weather was mostly terrible I really enjoyed my trip to Brighton and I can't wait to go back. 

Have you ever visited Brighton? If so what did you like about it?