I love blogging and I think it's important when blogging to read other blogs too! Whether it's for inspiration or to look at the pretty photos. So here are a few of my favourites.

Just curious to know by Audrey Fiodorenko

I found Audrey's blog late last year whilst searching for interesting coffee shops in London. So when I clicked on a link that led me to her site I was immediately blown away by the beautiful imagery and writing about wonderful coffee shops around London, Berlin and Japan. One of my favourite posts on her blog is about the Lanark coffee shop in Hackney which I will definitely visit one day. If you looking for beautiful imagery, information about the best coffee shops in London or simply want a good read you should definitely visit Audrey's blog.


The Creative Outlook by Amy Hodkin

I absolutely adore Amy's blog not only because of the beautiful layout and design but because of her interest in surface pattern design and illustration. As an aspiring illustrator and graphic designer I love seeing how other people work and the process of them making art.

Annie Dornan Smith

Annie has a charming blog that updates you on all her creations and she even has her own shop that sells amazing illustrated stationery and home-wares. She also shares tips on how to create your own illustration style which I love but is now focusing more on her own work which I love too. She even has created an awesome book called House Jungle which she put on Kickstarter but has now ended.

develop an illustration style

That Mck - Endless Wanderer by Andrew

Andrew is really good at capturing amazing moments and images with his cameras and as I'm an avid lover of cameras and photography I adored his blog. He writes a bit about everything, from his favourite book or beer to his camera gear and places he's travelled too, all including great photography. He is a fan of camera film so it's great to see someone who likes to experiment with different film and cameras.

Falls of Falloch and Loch Lomond (1 of 21)
Camera Gear March 2016-2

I hope you've liked reading! What are your favourite blogs?


  1. Thanks for sharing your favourite blogs!


  2. THAT MCK is definitely one of my favorite blogs for photography inspiration:) thanks for sharing!

    love from grace ♥ imaqination

  3. Beautiful images! Thanks for sharing these blogs Becky.

    Hanh | hanhabelle

  4. I'm so thrilled to have new blogs to check out! Thank you for sharing. :)