Being an artist and illustrator is something I've always wanted to be. I grew up painting and making messes, drawing and soon I grew an interest in other artists, obsessing over pens and fine watercolour paper and stationery. This eventually grew into creating my own little online independent shop called Printed Forest. I've always been one to have lots of artistic hobbies so I never really wanted my shop to have niche items and instead I wanted to created lots of different things such as notebooks, lino prints, digital prints, stamps and soon ceramics and screen-prints! I'm still trying to find my feet and have only made a few sales but I did go to my very first market last Christmas. So although I love to blog about  travel and coffee shops I would also like to blog more about my shop, art, things I create and maybe tips on illustration and printmaking. For now I would like to share with you a few new products that have come to the etsy shop Printed Forest.

Original Afternoon Tea Lino Prints - A3 { £20 }

Each lino print is a one off original print made with love and care. It was really fun creating these as I got to experiment with colours and watercolours. I love the textures shown. 

Patterned Faux Leather Notebooks - A5 { 6.95 }

There are four patterns which were each hand illustrated by myself before they were scanned into Photoshop where the image was engraved onto the faux leather. I was really inspired my nature and mid century designs and I can't wait to create more.

Beach babes notebook - A5 { £5 }

This is the most recent item I created with one of my most favourite digital designs that I illustrated called beach babes. Inspired by my love of the seaside and my travels. I love the fun mix of colours.

Prints - A3 { £12 }

I love creating prints inspired my mid century designs, my travels, fun colours and textures. 

What kind of illustration posts would you like to see on the blog? Tips? Processes? I would love to know.


  1. The notebooks look so cute! Great work!


  2. goodness I LOVE illustration (and yours are gorgeous, my fave is the bottom left) i think process posts are always so great, and each one is original too since everyone's process is so different!

    safah | ink stained lungs

    1. Thank you! I will definitely show some process posts! :)

  3. They are gorgeous!! I especially like lino prints, I love the texture that come with it.


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