Coffee Shop Finds | Chin Chins Coffee House

Opposite a beautiful church lies an even more charming coffee shop called Chin Chins Coffee House in a bustling shopping street in Bexley. It's one of my favourite coffee shops and is a place I visit often. It's an unique, eclectic and an industrial coffee shop with hints of vintage, art and Swedish influences which serves the best coffee and food. With friendly owners, charming interior and tasty food you'd be sure not to miss it. Most of their cakes that delicately sit on the counter top are baked by Victoria Yum and the coffee they serve is produced by Union Coffee, So if you're look looking for a cosy and friendly place with mouthwatering food and drinks then you're in the right place. You can tell I love the place by how much I post about it on my Instagram!

The stool seats by the counter top are made with cute coffee sacks and the shelves are adorned with jars and jars of amazing tea that you can try. With a mix of different chairs and tables and art and vintage photos hanging from the wall you can't not but feel homely in this unique coffee shop.

I normally visit with family and friends and have tried most of the menu apart from the meat options as I'm a vegetarian. My favourites is the mozzarella ciabatta with sun dried tomatoes with pesto or the falafel wrap made with homemade piccalilli, They have a vast collection of drinks from lattes with the best latte art to a vast collection of teas and even carrot juice and their homemade iced coffee and tea. They even have vegan chocolate cake!!

This is my favourite spot to sit at as I love the mosaic table and red chairs + the view of the church opposite is stunning. So if you ever want to visit then here's the address : 

171 Broadway, London DA6 7ES

Thanks for reading! I'm off to Leeds now for a few days but will share with all the lovely things from Leeds when I get back.

What do you think of Chin Chins Coffee House? What's Your favourite coffee shop to go to?


Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting in a while! I'e not been feeling very well but cats make everything better! I took this cute picture whilst in Amsterdam last Christmas and sometimes as the image states it's ok not to be ok. By the way the lettering is drawn with watercolour...pretty cool right?!

- Becky x