A Mini Guide To Cafes In Leeds

I'm not the best at blogging and this is especially shown through the lack of posts recently. I've been how you say 'unwell' mentally but I'm fighting my way through it. But on a lighter note I wanted to share with you something I love...well more than just one thing but three! Cafes, coffee and my new favourite city, Leeds! I took a visit to Leeds with my mum about about over a month ago, oh how time flies! Two long train journeys and lots of painting in my sketchbook along the way and we arrived. We explored for the next two and half days while we were in Leeds and found some amazing shops and places including my favourite things, coffee shops and cafes! So if you ever visit Leeds, here are some cafes you may enjoy!

The Grand Vintage Tearoom

This vintage tearoom is situated inside the grand arcade in Leeds. I already had lunch so mum enjoyed a yummy soup whilst I had a slice or delicious raspberry pavlova. What I liked most about this tearoom was the vintage inspired decor with vintage doilies, wallpaper, crochet blankets and furniture.

The Arch Cafe

Based in a small park lies a beautiful cafe which was formally a charity school which raises money to support elderly people. Serving homemade cakes, breakfast and lunch options and tea and coffee the Arch cafe has a tasty collection of food and beautiful interior. I had the yummy red velvet cake with a latte whilst mum has a slice of bakewell tart which she definitely recommends. With flowers on the tables and lovely brick walls the Arch cafe has a lovely atmosphere and you can feel good as all the profits go to charity. 

Laynes Espresso

Laynes espresso was one of my favourite cafes / coffee shops in Leeds and once you visit you will see why. Situated near the train station, Laynes Espresso served yummy breakfast and lunches and a wide selection of treats, not forgetting the amazing artisan coffee. I and my mum had poached egg on sourdough toast whilst enjoying tea and coffee. Although small the interior is simple and cute. Displaying a few pieces of art on the wall, brick walls and a vintage style menu. Next time I visit I will have to try some of their pistachio cake!

Tiled Hall Cafe

As you enter the tiled hall cafe you can't help but be mesmerised by the beautiful tiled surfaces that surround you. There was a great selection of foods including vegan choices. I went for the chickpea vegan toasted bagel which went down a treat whilst enjoying a cup of coffee and painting in my watercolour sketchbook. The decor was amazing with plants dotted around and tall windows that allowed lots of light in. 

Sheaf St Cafeteria

Last but not least is my most favourite cafe / coffee shop in Leeds, Sheaf St Cafeteria. I found out about this cafe whilst looking through Hayley's blog here. It's in a very quiet area away from the bustling city but is the most quirky and cool cafe ever! I loved the cups the coffee came in and the quirky decor and interior including the yellow stalls, artwork on the walls and concrete tiles. Again I was craving sourdough toast and poached eggs which I enjoyed a lot. I also couldn't help but stare at the delicious treats but I was too full up on coffee and breakfast by then. 

I hope you enjoyed this little post about all thing coffee in Leeds and let me know if you visit any of these places!

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  1. Your photography is always so stunning! I've never actually been to Leeds but the more I see bloggers posting about it, the more beautiful it looks. Will def be using this guide if I go anytime soon :)

    Sophie Elizabeth


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