My Creative Process: Drawing People + Tips

When it comes to drawing people I still have a lot to learn, but it's one of my most favourite things to do. I love being able to create different expressions, details, paint glasses and my most favourite thing, the hair and use bright colours and patterns. So I thought I'd show you my process of illustrating people. I've not been in the most creative spirit so this new project will hopefully help get my creative juices flowing. First of all, what I find easiest is painting with a water brush pen as it means I can paint quicker.

I find that the eyes are probably the most important part for me when illustrating people as they hold a lot of expression. You can also size up the other features better once you perfected the eyes. I like to play with bright colours when painting the hair and different hairstyles create a really fun vibe.

So here are some tips on illustrating people:

Experiment with facial features 
By experimenting with different facial features you can find what style you like. So draw lots of different eyes, noses and lips using different materials such as watercolour or brush pen and then pick your favourites that are most aesthetically pleasing to you.

Find your style 
By finding your 'style' you feel so much more confident when painting people. Your style could be something small and simple such as a signature look. This could be painting the cheeks in a certain way, adding marks to the face or hair, drawing the eyes in an unusual way. Try to draw in a way that is different to other people.

Design is in the detail

Adding details such as freckles, cheeks and glasses can really create a detailed illustration and add character and lots of personality to your drawing. It can also guide you into creating your own personal style.

Create a colour palette
This tip you don't have to do but creating a color palette can help when painting people and clothes. You can then use these colours for the skin, hair, eyes, and clothing / accessories. Choosing a colour palette can be really helpful if you are combining illustrations of people with a setting.

Experiment with different hair styles
This is probably my most favourite thing to do as I love unusual hairstyles. It can also add a lot of personality and character to the illustration. Try drawing hairstyles you wouldn't normally draw or find hard to draw. Use different colours and most importantly have fun with it.

Pratice, pratice, practice!
This is the most important tip of all! The more you pratice the more you will improve in your illustration skills.

I hope you have liked reading and have found some of the tips helpful! Do you illustrate people? I'd love to see your work!! 


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