Painting In Coffee Shops

Painting in public such as places like coffee shops can be very daunting at first. I can be quite shy when showing people my work and it the thought of it made me anxious. But, I found a little coffee shop that I've been going to for quite a while now called Chin Chins coffee house. It's local to me, it's cosy and totally relaxing. So I got my little Winsor and Newton set out, my water brush pen which is a godsend and my pink pig watercolour sketchbook and started doodling. I've found some of my favourite paintings and watercolours have come from this and it's also a good way of starting conversations and even telling people about your work and shop. I find having company helps but I've even managed to paint on my own which is a small win for me.

I found that once I showed my work people really liked it and asked for more such as commissions! So never be scared to paint in public. I'm now even selling my own hand painted cards which are only available in the ChinChins coffee house!!

In other news I've decided to not apply for uni this year and instead focus on my health and well-being, January hasn't been the most amazing start but it has helped me realise I need to focus on my self and painting in coffee shops helps with this by relaxing me. It's also helping to build up my portfolio so when I do apply for uni I'll have more recent and experimental work in my sketchbooks!

This seems to be going off on a tangent so I'll leave it here for now. Thanks for reading.

Do you paint or doodle drawings in coffee shops? I'd love to know!

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