My Favourite Art Tools | Part 1

As an aspiring illustrator and graphic designer, I kind of have an obsession with collecting pens...and stationery + art supplies in general. So like my weakness for cacti and film cameras, if I see a new Pentel brush pen or need an excuse to buy a new roller ball ink pen ( because who doesn't need loads of the same pen) then I go for it. So here is part one of my favourite illustration pens, paints, and papers that I like to use.


One of my most favourite art supplies are Promarkers! I use the pastel colours as I find it gives the loveliest look and they are great for mixing. I use them to mostly draw portraits and I love how when you draw with them they almost look like watercolours. 


Brush pens have to be my favourite things to use when it comes to art tools as they can add so much texture and fun to an illustration or painting. I normally use them to draw outline on my watercolour paintings. The ones I use are the Pentel Brush pen and the Zig Real Colour Brush pen.


Omg! I love the Winsor & Newton Watercolour mini palette. I've got the 12 Farben, 1/2 Napf & Pinsel one and I love it! I think the best thing about it is that it's portable as I've painted on train and in coffee shops with it and I mainly also use it as home because I like the colours so much. You can also replace the colours with new ones once they've been used up. It comes with a little paint brush but I mainly use a water brush pen.


I use many style and types of ink and roller ball pens. I love using them to draw outlines and add details to watercolours and portraits that I create. 


Oh Posca pens...a great staple to anyone's art kit! I mostly love using them to paint or draw onto fabric to create patterns as seen below. I use the thick nibbed one as they are great for creating thick textured lines. Mixing the black & white with colour creates a really fun effect. 


Pink Pig is a new discovery I found when looking for watercolour sketchbooks. I love the quality of the paper and it works really well with the Winsor & Newton paints. I like working mostly on a small scale so I got the A5 books from Amazon and got in natural. 

Becky x

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