Coffee Shop Finds | Revival Cafe

Have you ever visited a place and been amazed by the charm of it? With original mix-matched mid century decor, kitchenware, decorations and just a whole lot of 50's and 60's vibes, Revival has it all. Revival cafe is situated in Bexley and is run by the mental health charity Mind and volunteers. I Visit not only for the lattes served in retro style teacups, and the Bob Marley vinyls being played on the record player but, also because it raises money for a charity close to my heart.

You'll often find the locals enjoying a cup of tea served in vintage teapots, listening to the likes of old and modern music played on vinyl whilst taking in the colourful and interesting interior of the cafe including records on the wall. I have not only enjoyed the coffees they serve but they do some pretty good homemade cakes and treats too. Recently Revival cafe have had a slight do over by re arranging the furniture and creating a new and exciting menu, including a panini named after The Beatles!

Artist Interview Series: Illustrator & Artist Claudia Guariglia

Welcome to the artist interview series where I interview talented designer makers, surface pattern designers, artists and illustrators. Today's artist, the fifth of the interview instalments is talented artist and illustrator Claudia Guariglia.

1.Explain a little about yourself and what you do?

My name is Claudia and I'm an illustrator living in London. I love all sorts of visual arts, with a thing for photography and drawing, and in the process of getting back into block printing. I'm still trying to make it but hope to start working soon as a freelance artist!

2. Do you have any favourite techniques?

I'd say that what I like the most is painting, but I do mix it up quite a bit. I really like experimenting, so it doesn't matter which technique as long as I'm having fun and colour is involved. As much as I do love working in black and white from time to time, I could not imagine not working in colour.

Wandering Through Bruges

Back in March I took a short trip to Bruges. So I thought I would share with you some photos I took. I absolutely loved my time there wandering through the cobbled streets, passed the canals and looking at the beautiful and quirky buildings and houses. There were bikes everywhere and some really cute cafes, chocolate shops & restaurants. 

Here's To Taking Things A Bit Slower

I've realised that slowing down and breathing is something I really need to make into a habit. Why am I always trying to rush things or feel I need to be doing a certain thing or a certain person to fit other peoples need? So I need to recharge and sort out my mental health which is why I've closed my Etsy shop for a while. Maybe this will just give me the chance to relax and focus on what I really want to do which is to create. I've basically taken a gap year this year and if this is the most important thing I learnt from it then I think it's a pretty good thing to learn. Not only do I want to slow down and do things at my OWN pace but I also need to start thinking about myself. Hopefully slowing down will help me to actually realise what I want to do and let me take actual care of myself.