Friday, 28 July 2017

Coffee Shop Finds | Revival Cafe

Have you ever visited a place and been amazed by the charm of it? With original mix-matched mid century decor, kitchenware, decorations and just a whole lot of 50's and 60's vibes, Revival has it all. Revival cafe is situated in Bexley and is run by the mental health charity Mind and volunteers. I Visit not only for the lattes served in retro style teacups, and the Bob Marley vinyls being played on the record player but, also because it raises money for a charity close to my heart.

You'll often find the locals enjoying a cup of tea served in vintage teapots, listening to the likes of old and modern music played on vinyl whilst taking in the colourful and interesting interior of the cafe including records on the wall. I have not only enjoyed the coffees they serve but they do some pretty good homemade cakes and treats too. Recently Revival cafe have had a slight do over by re arranging the furniture and creating a new and exciting menu, including a panini named after The Beatles!

Our favourite place to sit back, relax and stuff our faces is the retro blue sofa. Small details including retro style salt and pepper pots, sugar pots, and napkins dotted around the place all add to the charm of the cafe. Whilst having shelving and glass drawers full of original vintage kitchenware is a dream come true for any vintage & retro lover!

That's enough of me talking, why don't you check out these photos I took of the charming and cute retro cafe. My tummy is rumbling just from the thought of their yummy lattes and scrumptious toasted sandwiches.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and viewing this blog post. If you would like to find out more about revival cafe click here. Thanks for reading. x

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