Here's To Taking Things A Bit Slower

I've realised that slowing down and breathing is something I really need to make into a habit. Why am I always trying to rush things or feel I need to be doing a certain thing or a certain person to fit other peoples need? So I need to recharge and sort out my mental health which is why I've closed my Etsy shop for a while. Maybe this will just give me the chance to relax and focus on what I really want to do which is to create. I've basically taken a gap year this year and if this is the most important thing I learnt from it then I think it's a pretty good thing to learn. Not only do I want to slow down and do things at my OWN pace but I also need to start thinking about myself. Hopefully slowing down will help me to actually realise what I want to do and let me take actual care of myself. 

So I'm going to try and let myself be happy. It may not happen straight away but I know eventually I will feel this way even if it takes a while. So I'll leave you with a drawing I created with brush pen called Bee Happy. A lovely little pun always cheers me up. 

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