Self Care Practices To Embrace In Autumn

I've noticed I've been lacking in the self-care department, especially since autumn has arrived. Of course I love Autumn, with it coming colourful and crispy leaves, being able to wear big jumpers without getting hot flushes and warm cocoa! But, as the days become shorter and darker I have seamlessly become more tired and reach for my bed to snuggle up warm and sleep whenever I can get the chance. Not to mention eating to much or too little, feeling down and having a general unwell feeling. I'm not used to writing blog posts about myself and my health but I think this may help others who are also having the post summer blues. So here are a 7 self care practices I'm going to embrace into my basically non existent routine for Autumn and on wards. High five to self love! Because everyone needs self care!

Relieve yourself of toxic relationships

Recently I have 'relieved' myself of someone toxic in my life. Although It's hard and I do miss them still I know that my life will be much for fulfilling and happier without them. Biting the bullet and taking the steps to get rid of toxic relationships can be the hard part. But once it's done you realise how much love, respect and kindness you actually deserve! If you didn't guess you deserve lots of it!

Wandering Through Venice

Next we headed off to Venice. A city full of brightly coloured buildings adorned with charming shutter windows, canals, river boats and cafes. We set off by bus and arrived mid afternoon. Walking through the streets, over the bridges and capturing everything with our cameras taking in all the beauty. We made it to a large bridge called Rialto Bridge that had a breathtaking view of Venice and the Canal boats just before sunset and saw the most magical site. All pink skies as the lights of Venice lit up. The next day we had lunch at a little cafe watching as people walked passed by, by a little canal looked over by shuttered windows and pink and yellow buildings. Next time I visit I will definitely love to spend some time on a Gondola going through the canals of Venice. Anyway! Here are some photos of Venice as I wandered through the beautiful and charming city. 

Artist Interview Series: Artist & Illustrator Katrina Sophia

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've done an interview on here so I thought it was about time to share with the work of Katrina Sophia as part of the Artist Interview Series. So Welcome to the artist interview series where I interview talented designer makers, surface pattern designers, artists and illustrators. Today's artist, the sixth of the interview instalments is talented artist and illustrator Katrina Sophia. She creates beautiful detailed and delicate illustrations and products inspired by nature.
1. Explain a little about yourself and what you do?
My name is Katrina and I am an artist and freelance illustrator living in Nottingham. I paint the natural world with mostly watercolour. While doing private commissions and freelance work, I sell my original illustrations, greeting cards, prints and stationery on my online shop.
2. Do you have any favourite techniques?
I love painting most of all. I like layering with the watercolour, starting with light colours and gradually adding darker colours. I rarely use wet on wet technique - I usually do the opposite, and let the paint dry completely before I add more layers. But when I do work with oil I use wet on wet technique!

Wandering Through Lake Como | Italy

Misty hills, river boats and quaint little lanes is what comes to mind when I think of Lake Como. Although just one of many stops on my trip Lake Como is one of my most favourite places I've visited to date. I didn't realise just how beautiful the place was when I arrived in the dark evening but once I woke up to daylight streaming through the window blinds I was amazed at the beauty of Lake Como. We took a little stroll down to the Lakes edge to view the amazing landscape hidden behind a cloud of fog. Made for some pretty good photos! We then took a walk through the village full of brightly painted buildings, churches and stone streets before heading to the Cable Car. It took us all the way up to the top of the hill which was both a frightening and exciting experience to say the least. But for definitely worth it when confronted with some of the most beautiful views I've ever seen. Perfect to look at after having a perfect dinner at a nearby restaurant. Now I'm going to leave you with a nice sorts of photo diary of Lake Como!