Wandering Through Venice

Next we headed off to Venice. A city full of brightly coloured buildings adorned with charming shutter windows, canals, river boats and cafes. We set off by bus and arrived mid afternoon. Walking through the streets, over the bridges and capturing everything with our cameras taking in all the beauty. We made it to a large bridge called Rialto Bridge that had a breathtaking view of Venice and the Canal boats just before sunset and saw the most magical site. All pink skies as the lights of Venice lit up. The next day we had lunch at a little cafe watching as people walked passed by, by a little canal looked over by shuttered windows and pink and yellow buildings. Next time I visit I will definitely love to spend some time on a Gondola going through the canals of Venice. Anyway! Here are some photos of Venice as I wandered through the beautiful and charming city. 

Although I didn't get to spend long in Venice I will be waiting until the time I can stroll through the pretty little lanes once again. For now have a good day! I'll be back soon for another blog post.
Becky x

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