The Importance Of Being Creative Daily

I noticed the other day I hadn't done much 'creative' things recently. Which is also probably why the last few days I've felt stuck when it comes to creating and making things. People say that if you just try to start to create then the more ideas on creativity comes to you. That I'll think of creative ideas if I'm constantly creating and drawing and doodling and so most likely these people are right. I have been focusing more on the admin part of my life at the moment. Getting props ready for Christmas markets, ordering my designs and adding last little touches to my products.

This means I've had less time to create and although sometimes things can become overwhelming I'm missing being creative. 99% of the time making and producing art makes me so so happy. I'm definitely most happy when it's just for fun and the main thing is that I feel so vibrantly alive. Neither does being creative have to take you hours and all your time up to happen. A quick doodle of an idea in your sketchbook whilst on the train or drinking coffee in a cafe makes me feel instantly better. It's a part of expressing yourself and I think that's very fulfilling. So over the busy period leading up to Christmas I definitely going to try and be more creative. So here's why I think it's so important to be creative: