The Importance Of Being Creative Daily

I noticed the other day I hadn't done much 'creative' things recently. Which is also probably why the last few days I've felt stuck when it comes to creating and making things. People say that if you just try to start to create then the more ideas on creativity comes to you. That I'll think of creative ideas if I'm constantly creating and drawing and doodling and so most likely these people are right. I have been focusing more on the admin part of my life at the moment. Getting props ready for Christmas markets, ordering my designs and adding last little touches to my products.

This means I've had less time to create and although sometimes things can become overwhelming I'm missing being creative. 99% of the time making and producing art makes me so so happy. I'm definitely most happy when it's just for fun and the main thing is that I feel so vibrantly alive. Neither does being creative have to take you hours and all your time up to happen. A quick doodle of an idea in your sketchbook whilst on the train or drinking coffee in a cafe makes me feel instantly better. It's a part of expressing yourself and I think that's very fulfilling. So over the busy period leading up to Christmas I definitely going to try and be more creative. So here's why I think it's so important to be creative:

It helps you learn

One of the most important things about being creative is like anything, when you put your mind to it, then you learn. You may learn a new skill or technique, helps critique a piece of work you once thought was amazing and now you know instead how to improve on it. Find new artists you adore or even make you notice that you don't like a certain subject and never do it again. But, you are always learning.

Can help you within your creative business

As you probably know I run a small shop on Etsy where I sell handmade and hand illustrated goodies. I find that when inspiration strikes for a design for my shop or blog header it is normally because I have been creative recently before that. So not only is being creative good for my happiness but it also helps me find new ideas for my shop Printed Forest.

Helps grow your confidence

At first anything creative can be daunting when you haven't done it for a while. Yet slowly but surely you will find once you put pen to paper (or whatever materials you are using) and practice you will get better and better, more ideas will come to you and most importantly help you grow your confidence in whatever creative field you are practicing in. I find when I feel confident in my art it makes me feel more confident as a person and in what I do. 

Makes you feel fulfilled and happy

For me this is the most important one! Of course, stress can arise even when being creative if you have coursework to do or a deadline to catch. But when being creative simply for yourself or without time limits it can be so rewarding and make you feel so much better. 

Help you produce new and exciting ideas

It's simple. The more time you spend focusing on making, designing or whatever floats your boat the more likely you are going to think of more ideas. When I don't put my mind to it I often switch off and don't focus meaning I end up feeling stuck and not creative. So even if it means taking 10 minutes to jot down notes ideas and then look back at it again, it can then spark off new ideas. 

Give you a boost of productivity and energy

When I'm in a bad or unproductive mood sometimes I force myself to draw, doodle or paint. Even when I really don't want to and sometimes it works. Giving me a boost of energy I'll end up spending lots of time on creating something I'm really proud of and I don't even notice where the time has gone. It awakens my brain and gets it working when I'm having a really shitty day and helps me move on to whatever needs doing. 

I hope you liked reading this post and I'll see soon for another blog post. Do you think being creative often is important? What creative things do you like to to?

Becky x

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