Wandering Through Amsterdam

I believe whenever I go on holiday it's a treat but for me it's even better when there is snow. I understand some people *hate* snow but when I visited Amsterdam, an already charming picturesque place, it looked even more beautiful covered in a sheet of crisp white snow. Unfortunately for me the snow only lasted for one day and so for the rest of our trip it felt like we were ice skating wherever we went. I was able to capture some pretty beautiful shots of Amsterdam as well as visit some interesting places such as a sex museum. Definitely will not be going there again! I also found, with my amazing organisational skills some really cute and pretty cafes which I will share with you. As I researched for hours places we could go go and made an itinerary for a trip to Amsterdam. So yes I was unusually organised for this trip!

4 Cute Cafe Spots In Amsterdam

If you didn't know Amsterdam is full of cute and quirky shops and cafes. I made it my mission to find some of the best lunches, treats and drinks I could find. Before I left for my flight I did some research and looked up places to visit before creating an itinerary of some cafes that would be cool to visit. I love cafes that look so unique and charming and create food and treats that are just the same. So here are four of my favourite cafes that I visited whilst on my trip to Amsterdam. I can't wait to go back and find more!