4 Cute Cafe Spots In Amsterdam

If you didn't know Amsterdam is full of cute and quirky shops and cafes. I made it my mission to find some of the best lunches, treats and drinks I could find. Before I left for my flight I did some research and looked up places to visit before creating an itinerary of some cafes that would be cool to visit. I love cafes that look so unique and charming and create food and treats that are just the same. So here are four of my favourite cafes that I visited whilst on my trip to Amsterdam. I can't wait to go back and find more!

Sticky Fingers

If you're looking for scrumptious treats and delicious teas and coffee Sticky Fingers is the place to be. It has the most beautiful hot pink tiled wall and menu which is an Instagrammers dream! We both got the mushroom quiche which was on point! Washed it down with tea and a Matcha latte before trying out one of their yummy chocolate muffins. It's a great place to chill if you want to read a book, talk to friends or go on your laptop. 

The Last Crumb

This is the first cafe we visited when we arrived in Amsterdam and boy was it not a disappointment. It's very small but packed full of character and charm. You can watch the hand make and bake bread and tarts which is pretty cool. With vegetarian and vegan options for lunch it was great for us 


With vegan cake and lemon and ginger shots to cure your hangover what more could you want?! You can also meet Pluk's little furry friend in the cafe and shop some cute stationery and kitchenware. The actual cafe area was situated up a little flight of stairs where you can look down to the counter where they make all the food. I enjoyed a yummy sandwich and you guessed it another matcha latte! Before enjoying a vegan chocolate tart. Yum! 

Oma Ietje Cafe 

Last but not least this cafe was situated a two minute walk from our hotel. So although not directly in Amsterdam it's definitely a place worth visiting. It's also part of Amsterdam's art route. The cafe is made of large, colourful and industrial boxes with large windows and is honestly the quirkiest and cutest cafe! We only grabbed a drink before setting off on the train to go to central but it looked like a place you could definitely relax and chill out in. Plus the fresh mint leaf tea was divine! 

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy this post and I will be back for more soon. Have a lovely day or night.

Becky x

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