When I think about what's in my pencil case or what I'm painting with lately I've been using a lot of new art supplies. So today I though I would update you on Part 2 of some of my favourite art tools. You can read Part 1 here. When it comes to art tools in general I literally swoon over pens and new paints that come out. I also found a new love of Finetec pearl paints which are the most beautiful paints I have ever seen in my life! I've got used to painting with brush pens instead of brushes and love using ink. 

The most beautiful paints in the world. The paints are made of Mica which is a natural mineral that creates many metallic shades including these shades of gold and silver. When dry you can actually see the shininess of the paint when moved.

FINETEC M1200 Pearl Colours Palette

After trying the metallic Finetec paints I really wanted to experiment with colours. This palette is more pastel based but they also do some really strong colours too.

I use these water brush pens practically every time I paint now. You simply fill the up with water and when painting with them mix with some paint on a palette and squeeze a little water into it and mix. They are like paint brushes but I find it easier to hold and with these They also come in three different types of nib thicknesses.

These inks are so amazing to paint with! Very concentrated and come in a variety of colours.

Washi Tape
My love for washi tape has grown throughout the years leading to a little collection of lots of tapes. I prefer paper tape and love colours and patterns. My favourite placess] to find washi tape are Etsy and Ebay, Paperchase and any art or stationery supply shops.

Last of all is the Instax Mini 90! This is not exactly an art supply when compared to the other tools I have told you about but I recently acquired this camera and love it! It's lightweight, stylish and has so many settings that I can't wait to experiment more with. I may even do a full blog post about it! I would say this camera is much better and more practical that the Instax wide camera I have.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing my favourite art tools, how I've used them and I hope it's given you some inspiration on what art tool you should get next! Becky x

What's your favourite new art tool?

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