Hey, I'm Becky! I'm the owner behind Printed Forest and I'm a London based illustrator and printmaker. I started Printed Forest as a college project for graphic design and it evolved into a passion of mine. I love illustrating, printmaking and experimenting with different materials.

Printed forest was also created to share my love of illustration and craft with other people and so this blog is document the process, things that inspire me and the stuff I make.

I love doodling, drinking coffee and I have a ridiculous fascination with collecting cameras. I love cacti even though I'm not very good at keeping them alive and I often like to binge on a series on Netflix. I love the seaside, washi tape, travelling, record players and watercolour paper. I live at home and design everything from makeshift studio/bedroom where I love to print and draw.

Here are some of my favourite blog posts that you should check out:

If you would like you can also visit my Etsy shop here.