An Illustrated Guide To The Best Indoor Plants For The Home

I've been trying to feel my room up with lots more houseplants recently. Not only because plants are pretty and look nice, but because they are easy to look after and most importantly purify the air of certain toxins. I've always suffered with a stuffy nose and allergens so I wanted to see and research if keeping plants in my room would help with this! Here are 6 of the best plants rated out of five stars on how good they are when it comes to air quality, toxins and how easy they are to look after.

Dracaena Plant  3.5/5*

There are many different varieties of the Dracaena plant that also filter indoor air. They are non toxic for children but unfortunately it's not the friendliest plants when it comes to your furry companions. That is why I've rated it 3.5/5 stars. It clears toxins such as Benzene, Formaldehyde, Xylene and trichlorethylene which can be very harmful to the body and be caused by chemicals, etc.


When I think about what's in my pencil case or what I'm painting with lately I've been using a lot of new art supplies. So today I though I would update you on Part 2 of some of my favourite art tools. You can read Part 1 here. When it comes to art tools in general I literally swoon over pens and new paints that come out. I also found a new love of Finetec pearl paints which are the most beautiful paints I have ever seen in my life! I've got used to painting with brush pens instead of brushes and love using ink. 

2017 IN REVIEW & HELLO TO 2018

As I currently sit here it's two in the morning, I'm eating profiteroles left over from Christmas and I have a cold. So I've headed into 2018 although ill, I would say pretty happy. It shows me just how much I've changed this year in the fact I didn't feel depressed on new years which is a regular occurrence normally every year for me. This time I was content which is a nice feeling. 2017 has been partly the best and worst year of my life. I had a hell of a lot of new experiences! Let people into my life I never should have let in but also it was one of my happiest years in the sense that I began to feel my whole mindset on life change for the better. For now I would like to share with you my favourites from 2017.

Wandering Through Amsterdam

I believe whenever I go on holiday it's a treat but for me it's even better when there is snow. I understand some people *hate* snow but when I visited Amsterdam, an already charming picturesque place, it looked even more beautiful covered in a sheet of crisp white snow. Unfortunately for me the snow only lasted for one day and so for the rest of our trip it felt like we were ice skating wherever we went. I was able to capture some pretty beautiful shots of Amsterdam as well as visit some interesting places such as a sex museum. Definitely will not be going there again! I also found, with my amazing organisational skills some really cute and pretty cafes which I will share with you. As I researched for hours places we could go go and made an itinerary for a trip to Amsterdam. So yes I was unusually organised for this trip!

4 Cute Cafe Spots In Amsterdam

If you didn't know Amsterdam is full of cute and quirky shops and cafes. I made it my mission to find some of the best lunches, treats and drinks I could find. Before I left for my flight I did some research and looked up places to visit before creating an itinerary of some cafes that would be cool to visit. I love cafes that look so unique and charming and create food and treats that are just the same. So here are four of my favourite cafes that I visited whilst on my trip to Amsterdam. I can't wait to go back and find more!

The Importance Of Being Creative Daily

I noticed the other day I hadn't done much 'creative' things recently. Which is also probably why the last few days I've felt stuck when it comes to creating and making things. People say that if you just try to start to create then the more ideas on creativity comes to you. That I'll think of creative ideas if I'm constantly creating and drawing and doodling and so most likely these people are right. I have been focusing more on the admin part of my life at the moment. Getting props ready for Christmas markets, ordering my designs and adding last little touches to my products.

This means I've had less time to create and although sometimes things can become overwhelming I'm missing being creative. 99% of the time making and producing art makes me so so happy. I'm definitely most happy when it's just for fun and the main thing is that I feel so vibrantly alive. Neither does being creative have to take you hours and all your time up to happen. A quick doodle of an idea in your sketchbook whilst on the train or drinking coffee in a cafe makes me feel instantly better. It's a part of expressing yourself and I think that's very fulfilling. So over the busy period leading up to Christmas I definitely going to try and be more creative. So here's why I think it's so important to be creative:

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